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Gallery of Furniture

Welcome to our gallery

With regard to a wide range of our products we have divided them into 4 main groups to make it easier while browsing

There are only some of our products to see in the gallery. Nevertheless, you are provided with an overview of the goods which you can find by us. In case you have any queries, please contact us:

telefon 017 24413 72+48 (17) 224 13 72

Galeria1 - komplety wypoczynkowe, stołowe, jadalnie, gabinety Gallery 1
Suits of Furniture to Living Room, Dining Room

Galeria3 - Krzesła, Fotele Gallery 3
Chairs, Armchairs
Galeria 2 -Sofy,Łóżka, Komody, Kredensy Gallery 2
Sofas, Beds, Chests of drawers, Cupboards

Galeria4 - rzeźby z brązu, zegary, lustra, lampy Gallery 4
Bronze sculptures, Clocks, Mirrors, Lamps, etc.
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